Projects in Development


Category: Documentary
Producers: Paulene Abrey (UK and Africa)
Hannah Davis Law (USA)
Co-Production: USA, Africa and UK

The OURSTORY documentary allows Hip Hop ladies to safely and intimately tell their stories about how Hip Hop - and their passion for it - enabled them to shape their lives, open their hearts and express themselves freely. It explores how they were able to tell their truths and cross out the double standards.

Women in Hip Hop have managed to alter the course and the history of Hip Hop by facing up to challenges without giving up, with the belief that nothing should have the power to hold us back.

Whether they faced physical or cultural impediments, beliefs, outdated conventions or functional attributes, they managed to create a world where not just men but women can enjoy themselves more intensely, more of the time, truthfully and without shame.

Treatment Available:
Basic story outline, visual promo cuts & elements


Category: Feature Film
Genre: Action / Adventure
Producer: Paulene Abrey
Open Skies is feature film. In development, UK and USA. In association with Lionsgate UK.

This is the true-life story of an amazingly driven and independent woman. It highlights the role of females in today’s society, as well as 100 years ago. Similarly, Open Skies investigates right wing extremism, racism, human trafficking and environmental issues – all of which are sadly still too relevant in 2020.

It is a first draft / original screenplay. With rights reserved.


Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama / Thriller Feature
Production: UK

Bruised Fruit tells the story of a young woman who is forced to come to terms with her past when her assailant is let out of prison for good behaviour. Tortured by guilt and the weakness of the flesh, her assailant seeks forgiveness and redemption.

It is a first draft / original screenplay. With rights reserved.